A MAGICAL experience to get you out of your head and into the moment!

Movement, music and mindfulness.   

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Start with 10 minutes of movement and mindfulness to increase your energy and bring you into the moment!

Try two, 30 minutes classes a week for 6 weeks and see how much more grounded and focused you feel!

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DROM is about Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social Health. At DROM Nation, we value FUN and Being in the MOMENT… we believe that’s where it all begins. On your journey, you will experience movement and mindfulness practices through:

  • Breathing/getting grounded
  • Exercise/fun fitness
  • Drumming/rhythms & beats
  • Meditation/visualizations
  • Reflection/journaling/dreaming


Val lead us through an emotional session of mindful meditation full of calming affirmations that this COVID-weary mom really needed right now. Now it makes sense why Val named her business DROM: Drum + Om because it really was a mind, body & spirit experience.”


“I woke up one day very emotional and in a funk. I did DROM at noon and it totally changed my mood.  I felt energized and in a much better mindset.  It turned my day into
a positive one!”


"This was my first DROM experience and really had no idea what to expect. The session was engaging, therapeutic and fun! Val had me banging my spoons, moving my body and shouting into an empty house, which was exactly what I needed. Her message is authentic and her enthusiasm is contagious. So grateful for the experience."



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